Update from the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation and FrontCounter BC:

Notice of Work Application Update: New Requirements and Improvements

As of November 30th, 2021, the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation and FrontCounter BC are putting improvements and new requirements in place for Notice of Work Mines Act permit applications and amendments.


Users are now required to use a BCeID when applying. A BCeID is a free account linked to an e-mail address that can be used to access a variety of government services. A BCeID also provides users with access to features that improve the application experience, including the ability to:

  • save your application as you work through the information and return to it later
  • view application status by logging into your account
  • easily make changes to information you’ve submitted
  • communicate more efficiently with staff as they work through your application.


A Business BCeID is preferred over a Personal or Basic BCeID, as it includes identity verification, representative access for employees or agents, and can be used to access Mineral Titles Online, Notice of Work applications, MineSpace, and more online services relevant to mining activities. For more information, please visit www.bceid.ca .


Applicants are also now required to upload geospatial data of the proposed mine area and provide digital maps created to provincial standards. This will benefit applicants by resulting in a more efficient and timely review of your application and less time spent creating, adjusting, or verifying mapping data to meet the needs of those reviewing the application during technical reviews, First Nations consultation and stakeholder referrals. For a full list of mapping requirements, please visit Natural Resource Online Services. For additional information, guidance on using free GIS software, and helpful tips, please refer to the IMap BC Reference Guide for Mines Act Applications.


Lastly, we are excited to share that we have made improvements to the application form to ensure that you are being asked for more relevant details to reduce additional information requests during the intake and technical review stages of your application. One of the improvements we have made includes intuitive fields, which means that as you provide responses, the application form will adjust to ask you questions that are relevant to your activities saving you time and effort. Other changes include:

  • changing the wording of questions to allow you to respond in ways that reflect the uniqueness of your mine
  • requiring the upload of relevant documents
  • a multi-file upload function to save you time


We encourage you to take a moment to provide your thoughts and feedback on the application submission experience; upon submission, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that includes a link to our client feedback survey. For any questions or concerns regarding application requirements, please contact the Regional Mines office closest to your mine location. If you have questions about submitting your application, please contact FrontCounter BC .