KEG would like to pass on two important messages from the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. Please see below.

Given the direction below from John Allan (DM of FLNRORD) to FCBC staff starting to close public offices, and asking the public to use the call center and online systems to engage with FCBC I wanted to provide an update. The NROS application system is currently using a lot of the call center and FCBC resources to deal with the issues associated with navigating the Notice of Work application process. This is due to some critical errors that have yet to be resolved and this will require more time and resources than are available at this time.

In the interim the Natural Resource Online Services website will be directing all Activity Guidance, Authorization Guidance, and Homepage ‘Apply Now’ hyperlinks to the vFCBC application form, instead of NROS. vFCBC is still fully functional at this point and integrates with MMS. However, it should be noted that FCBC staff will continue to screen for bundling opportunities based on the application. NoW Companion guidance document was built to integrate with the NROS system, so may not be as helpful but can be used to help in the application process in vFCBC.

Applicants will still have the ability to access applications in progress from within their NROS client Dashboard (using the ‘Log In’ button) and start a new application from within the dashboard, but only from this location. NROS is not being shut down we are just trying to rerouting traffic, as the major of applicants use links on FCBC’s website to initiate a NoW application, so this should help to move the bulk of all new applications to vFCBC. Essentially we are discouraging the use of NROS in the interim and suggesting applicants use vFCBC, as if there are issues with their NROS application we may not be able to resolve them in a timely manner.

This systems direction will be switched as of 2:00PM PST, March 18th, 2020 should you have any comments or concern please feel free to reach out to Mike Ward, Shana Bow, Ashley Spear, or myself.


Nadia Bruemmer, P.Geo.
Senior Inspector of Mines, Permitting, Regional Operations
Project Manager for Regional Mines Standardization and Service Improvement Project
Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
Mines, Competiveness and Authorizations Division


COVID-19 and FLNRORD operations

Many of you may have seen the emails sent on Friday from the Deputy Minister to the Premier, Don Wright, and from me, regarding the COVID-19 virus. To compliment these messages, the most recent FAQ and Response Overview can be found at MyHR COVID-19.

FLNRORD is a large, decentralized organisation. We provide many services that can be particularly important in challenging times. We also co-locate and coordinate efforts with many other ministries, and this work will have to continue as we respond to large scale challenges such as COVID-19.

Further measures are now also in effect:

In Person Public and Client Service/Front Counter BC locations

To limit the risk of spread of the virus, we will be shifting our offices that provide in-person public service to our Online and Call Center services for the next 2 weeks.

The effectiveness and necessity of this measure will be evaluated during this time and the changing situation and further direction will be forthcoming. All office locations will post notices advising of our Online and Call Center options for the public and clients seeking services. To ensure time for a smooth transition, this shift will be implemented effective March 20th.

Regardless of where you work, please take the necessary precautions outlined by the B.C. Centre of Disease Control. If your position requires you to be present at work and you don’t feel comfortable doing so, please raise this with your supervisor to find arrangements that work for you and your work unit. We need to ensure everyone is kept safe while providing the services that B.C. citizens and visitors to B.C. rely on.

Thank-you and please remember: COVID-19 presents a low risk for most people and, as such, following the advice of the Provincial Health Officer should limit both the spread of the virus as well as impacts on Ministry operations and services.

I want to assure you all that we are actively managing the situation along with the rest of government and further updates and communications will be forthcoming with as circumstances change. Thank you for your efforts. If you have questions or concerns, please discuss with your supervisor, Assistant Deputy Minister or me.

John Allan and the Executive of FLNRORD